Everyday Tests

Life seems at times like a never ending test. There is a performance test for computers and a different type for pupils.Life is filled of tests daily. But why all these examinations?The first tests were employed by the Chinese in 605 AD during what is known as the Sui Dynasty time. Tests back then were given for employment in government. This is the start of all tests in today’s modern society including standardized testing we give in the school systems.The purpose of testing in everyday life has not been diminished after all these decades. There is even mobile application testing for cell phones. Even though it has the same name, it isn’t the same test you would encounter in class. There aren’t any true or false answers. No, this is a form of performance test you can download to your phone. It is just to ensure that your phone is running smoothly.There is also a performance test you run for your car. It is a little different than the computer style or cell phone test. You don’t need to download a program; the mechanic will take care of everything for you. In some aspects, this performance test is like the mobile application test in that it is done by a computer for a computer chip, only the chip is in your car, not mobile phone.Even with all this testing we do continually, things still fail. All the testing shows how uncontrollable things can get. We need all these tests because as we progress in computers, there is more room for error. So this is the reason all this testing takes place.The more kids the US has in the schooling system, the more testing we need to give because of the problems that arise. The more advanced the teaching of arithmetic or science, the more chances there are for students to fall behind. This is the reason tests are so necessary. We need to make sure that the average overall number of students is in the middle. Of course some will fall below and some will beat expectations. But after the testing is complete we can tell if we are on target with the students’ overall development.So the next time you do a mobile application testing on your computer you will remember all this. It all comes together in the end as one large exam. We have all these tests to keep everything running smoothly. Tests are a great tool in everyday life and are here to stay.

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